Curriculum vitae

JUDr. Eduard Kukan

Vice-chairman of SDKU-DS
Member of the European Parliament, European People’s Party

In July 2009 thanks to the support of my fellow citizens I became a member of the European Parliament. I was the leading candidate of SDKU-DS which is a member of EPP political family in the European Parliament.

I approach my new role with a great sense of responsibility. As a member of the European Parliament I wish to contribute to its work so that the issues discussed and decided upon in the EP would have a positive and percievable effect for both the citizens of Slovakia as well as other citizens of the EU. My enlistment into commissions and delegations in the EP predestinates that in the coming 5 years I will be mainly dealing with questions of EU´s Foreign Policy and questions of the development and protection of human rights. As a member of EPP, the strongest fraction in the EP, I will also aim to form the attitudes of my fraction in political questions which are important for our country as well as for the EU´s future.

Prior to my election into the EP I exercised my mandate of a member of Slovak National Council. I was a member of Foreign Comittee, a member of Permanent Delegation to Council of Europe and within the Interparliamentary Union I was the Chair of a Group of Friendship with Balkan countries.

The biggest part of my active political career I devoted to diplomacy and foreign service. I have abundant experiences, whether as a former triple Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia or as an Ambassador to the UN. In the field of foreign politics I am interested in questions of SE Europe and the EU enlargment.

I am honoured that being a member of the European Parliament I can still remain a deputy of Bratislava – Nové Mesto´s local self-governing board, where I reside since 2000.

I am married and with my wife Zdenka we live by turns in Bratislava and Brussels. We have two children and four grandchildren.

In my free time I like playing tennis, going to the theatre and reading literature. I speak English, Russian, Spanish and Swahili.

In 1993 I was awarded the “doctor honoris causa” at Upsala College, New Jersey. I am also holder of the same title from Sainkt Petersburg´s State University and I am also a member of the Board of Advisors in Global Panel Fundation.