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EP mediators call for calm and respect of the democratic process in Skopje

Members of the European Parliament Eduard Kukan (EPP, SK), Knut Fleckenstein (S&D, DE) and Ivo Vajgl (ALDE, SI), EP mediators for the 15 July 2015 Pržino Agreement, issued the following statement today on the situation in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:

“We call on the President and all the political parties to respect the democratic decision of the citizens of the country and accept any agreed parliamentary majority without further delay. As we have repeatedly stated jointly with Commissioner Hahn we expect any new government to be based upon an inclusive, reformist consensus and inter-ethnic cooperation.

We appeal to the responsibility of the President and all the political parties to refrain from any inflammatory statements or actions. It is essential that the outcome of the elections and the will of the people is respected by allowing the democratic process to run its course as would be expected in a democratic society.

The recent developments could have a profound impact on the country’s European perspective. As things stand, we are obliged to recommend to the European Parliament a postponement of the planned plenary vote on the 2016 Country Report.”