Balkans in Europe - The European Integration of the Balkans – What Now?


The “Balkans in Europe” is a EFB funded bimonthly TV debate on the most pressing issues that countries of the Western Balkans are facing on their way to EU membership. Recorded and broadcast directly from the studio of the EU Parliament, it engages Members of the EU Parliament, EU Commission officials, other important public figures, as well as experts and analysts from the Western Balkans region in the policy discussion. The debate, moderated by Borjan Jovanovski, journalist from TV NOVA Skopje, Macedonia, and Ivana Dragicevic, from N1, Zagreb, Croatia, is broadcasted on N1, a regional media news network with an audience of 20 million people in the Balkans (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) and a CNN exclusive news affiliate.

On this inaugural show, published November 12, 2015, the debate with MEP Eduard Kukan, MEP Ivo Vajgl, MEP Kyrkos and Professor Bieber.