Eduard Kukan hopes Bosnia and Herzegovina will form a government soon and get on track with the EU agenda

As counting of ballots continues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Parliament awaits the final results of the general elections in the country. Eduard Kukan, Member of the European Parliament and former Chairman of the Delegation for relations with South-eastern Europe, commented:

“Elections should be seen as a turning of page in the political development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnians have experienced a tough year, which saw civil unrest in the beginning of the year and was followed by disastrous floods in May. As some countries in the region mark positive developments on their EU road, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains at a standstill. The progress report presented by Commissioner Fule last week reflects this stagnation. The general elections are the unique opportunity to give new political impetus to the country. A lot of time has passed, and Bosnian elected leaders have to get to work as soon as possible, and by that I mean form a government on all levels in the country.”