Eduard Kukan on Vojislav Seselj's return to Serbia

Following the urgent debate of the European Parliament on Vojislav Seselj’s return to Serbia and the EP’s resolution, Eduard Kukan, Member of the European Parliaments Committee on Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the EU-Serbia SAPC, stated:

“First of all, I fully understand the evil of wartime rhetoric, hate speech against neighbouring countries and minorities, especially in the Western Balkans. Therefore, I will always fight for policies of peace and reconciliation. Seselj’s public appearances go exactly against these principles, which we have supported and invested a great amount of political capital into.

However, our response should not create more tension. Especially by giving this accused war criminal more attention than he deserves. Instead, we should clearly support those who believe that wartime rhetoric should not have place in Serbia or anywhere in the region.

It is unfortunate that Seselj’s radical statements have been given such unnecessary attention by media and some politicians. I only hope it is not be used it as an instrument of further political tensions in the region.

Finally, this resolution is not meant to give instructions to the ICTY. It is an independent international body with a clear mandate from the United Nations. It is for these reasons that I abstaint from this resolution.”