Orientation, activities and mandate

What is your orientation and what are your activities in the EP?

You can find detailed content of my work and activities here.

What themes are you devoted to?

My work activities span a broad spectrum of themes. You can find a list of these themes here.

What shall I do if  my problem (question) does not correspond with your activities?

I will try to give you an answer, respectivelly to suggest or to mediate a contact to those of my colleagues, who are dealing with the given topic in one of the EP´s Committees.

Meetings and visits

How can I arrange a meeting with you?

Write an e-mail to the contact address of my office in which you specify the reason of your request of meeting. I will then try to find a time for a meeting in my work calendar.

Is it possible to ask you for a sponsored visit for a group?

Please, send an email to my assistant who will provide you with all necessary information needed when requesting a sponsored visit.  Since the European Parliament sponsors every year only a limited number of visits for students of secondary schools and university students, it is possible that to arrange a sponsored visit will take a longer time.

Is it possible to ask for non-sponsored visit?

Yes. Should you have an interest for a vist and a meeting with me in the EP (please note that you will cover all your travel and accomodation expenses) I will gladly meet you anytime, provided my work calendar allows such a meeting. For more information regarding the non-sponsored visits, please contact my office in Brussels.


What is the procedure when applying for a position of a trainee in your office in Brussels?

You can find all the necessary information here.

Do you provide information that could be helpful for a study?

Yes. I will gladly provide you with all accessible information and materials which are in connection with the content of my activities here, in the EP.

Do you provide your personal positions also to other topics?

Yes. I am willing to provide my own positions on other topics, primarily concerned with the scope of my interests here, in the EP, provided my working duties allow me to respond.


How can one arrange an interview?

Send an e-mail to, or contact via phone my office. Should you be applying for an interview via an e-mail, please send also information regarding the main theme of the interview and possibly the range of questions. Should you apply for a personal meeting connected with an interview, besides the former, please also provide the preferred date and time of the meeting. I will then try to find a suitable time for you in my calendar.


Who should I address with questions regarding the European Union?

Please, call free at 00800 6 7 8 9 10 11 from all around the EU where you will be provided with general information regarding the issues of the EU as well as lot of practical information on great variety of questions.