Kukan comments on adoption of Montenegro 2016 Report

Kukan comments on adoption of Montenegro 2016 Report

Following yesterday’s debate in the European Parliament and today’s vote on the 2016 Report on Montenegro, Eduard Kukan (EPP/SK), Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, made the following comments:


“I would like to congratulate Montenegro on its steady course towards the European Union. With an overwhelming support from its population, it is important to focus on the accession process and not losing the gained momentum. Further work is needed in the rule of law reforms, mostly in the judiciary, fight against corruption and organised crime but also in improving the media environment in the country.


Unfortunately, advances are overshadowed by the boycotting of the Parliament. I hope that ordinary legislative work will resume soon.


Montenegro has lived through turbulent elections last year. It is important that proper investigations take place, in order to shed light on events of the last October. This has to be done in accordance with Montenegro’s laws and international standards. There are outstanding recommendations pertinent to the conduct of elections issued by OSCE and should be taken seriously.


Montenegro is a positive force in the regional set-up in the Western Balkans and I hope it will continue to play its constructive role. As we see the growing appetite of Russia in the region, I hope that Montenegro will continue to pursue its geopolitical orientation to the Euro-Atlantic structures and that we will soon welcome it as our newest NATO member state.”