Slovak EPP Delegation: We stand behind Manfred Weber's clear stance on the situation in Slovakia

Slovak EPP Delegation: We stand behind Manfred Weber's clear stance on the situation in Slovakia

“We firmly reject statements made by the representatives of Smer-SD addressed to Manfred Weber, Chair of the European People’s Party. We also firmly stand behind his statement that it is unacceptable for politicians to interfere in the investigation. His declaration, together with the pressure of the citizens, contributed to today’s resignation by Robert Kaliňák. However, we consider this to be only the first step in correcting all the failures and in investigating all the cases Ján Kuciak worked on.

Chair of the European People’s Party in the EP clearly expressed his opinion on the situation which developed in Slovakia after the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová. He did it based also on the findings and conclusions of the mission of Members of the European Parliament, which at the end of last week visited the Slovak Republic.

We appreciate the quick reaction of our colleagues from the European Parliament, who participated in the mission to Slovakia. We fully supported and initiated a quick deployment of this delegation to Slovakia. Its findings will be the subject of debate in the plenary of the European Parliament on Wednesday.

We recall that the information that was acquired by the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak in his work goes beyond the borders of Slovakia and concern suspicions of corruption and state authorities covered stealing of resources of the European Union. In addition to investigating the murder of two young people, the investigation of huge number of corruption scandals which surfaced in recent days must be priority as well. We therefore consider as legitimate opinions and questions addressed to our government by high ranking European politicians.

We thank the citizens of Slovakia, who on Friday expressed their clear stance both at various places at home and abroad. Their efforts and perseverance begin to bear fruit.

We believe that the brutal murderer of two young people will be solved in the shortest possible time. Cases described by Ján Kuciak in his articles reach the highest positions of the Smer-SD party and of the current Slovak government.

We are convinced that condition of their objective and thorough investigation is not only the resignation of the Minister of Interior Robert Kaliňák, but also of other nominees of the Smer-SD party from state governing functions, from the Police of the Slovak republic and from other security bodies.”

Ivan Štefanec, Head of Slovak EPP Delegation

Pál Csáky

Eduard Kukan

Miroslav Mikolášik

József Nagy

Anna Záborská