European Parliament votes on Macedonia and Montenegro Reports

European Parliament votes on Macedonia and Montenegro Reports

Following yesterday’s debate in the European Parliament and today’s vote on the 2015 Report on Macedonia and 2015 Report on Montenegro, Eduard Kukan (EPP/SK), made the following comments:

„I would like to congratulate both rapporteurs for preparing sound texts of the Reports.

Macedonia is in difficult the situation. The political crisis is not over yet and together with migration flows it show how fragile the stability in the country is. I firmly believe that the country needs the backing and support of the European Union.  

In order to move things forward we need to see cooperation of all political parties in implementation of the last year political agreements, including well prepared free and fair elections in June and implementation of the urgent reforms priorities. We should also remain vocal on media freedoms and support the work of the special prosecutor.

With regards to Montenegro, the Report reflects well the remaining priorities: judiciary, fight against corruption, and the importance of creating a favourable media climate in the country. Also, the 2014 electoral legislation needs to be fully implemented.

I would like to congratulate Montenegro on being a constructive regional player and on its full alignment with EU’s Foreign Policy. In this respect, I also welcome the NATO membership invitation and would be happy to see the whole Adriatic coast sealed in NATO. As far as the ongoing protests, I would like to urge the government and the opposition to fight their battles inside the Parliament, not on the streets, and refrain from using any means of violence.“